Good news boys and girls! The BBFC have decided to increase their tariff for watching films to protect us from the evils of nasty SFX and acting out inappropriate, antisocial and criminal behaviour. Good on them. I like to see a company with initiative. And what with the price of video tapes going up by 13% (Retail Price Index as quoted by the benevolent BBFC accountant) from 12.99 to (er) 12.99 it's the least we can expect.

After all the Board have absorbed increases in both internal and external(?) costs for the past four years or so. And let's face it, that is totally unfair... they work very hard and do a damn worthwhile job. It's not easy sitting watching movies all day. I know I've spent several years on the dole in my time. The least they deserve is pitiful 60.00 an hour rise in charges plus additional increases in 'miscellaneous fees'.

Well done 'Boardies'! Keep up the good work. No I mean it. Where else could you get a company that would care for and protect a film for 18 months without any real explanation. Yes they have taken pains to actually nurture and protect Howard S.Berger and Matthew Howe's black comedy, 'Original Sins', for a full year and a half! Why? Because they care! Makes you feel secure in your bed doesn't it.

Mind you, I feel I have to admit, they didn't do such a good job with our latest releases. Having said that, DER TODESKING already had an 18 certificate; so I'm not really in a position to comment on the acts of random violence, self mutilation and torture on display here. But for some inexplicable and frightening reason the other three movies have been passed un-cut despite, for instance, DARKNESS being awash with blood and carnage, exploding heads, chainsaws and all manner of gory events. Our two camcorder movie FATLINERS and HOMEBREW met a similar fate with all the poor taste, bad language, blood letting, puking and shitting left, repulsively, intact... outrageous. What can I say? The BBFC do a very difficult job and sometimes they get a little stretched. It's obviously one of those rare occasions when a few potentially very dangerous movies accidentally slip through the net all at once.

Hmmm maybe I should follow their example myself and increase my fee by a prodigious amount. I'm sure you'd all be more than happy to pay considerably more for your video tape viewing pleasure.... Just kidding!

Viva Control!


Richard J King - March 1998


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