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pink japan Only in Japan could a marriage of the porno subculture and avant-garde achieve a breakthrough into the area of hip pop culture

Titles Available

The BEDROOM - by Hisayasu Sato
TANDEM - by Toshiki Sato
The DREAM OF GARUDA - by Zeke Takahisa
NO LOVE JUICE - Tajiri Yuji

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Can pornography be art?

In his mid-fifties, fat and always slightly transpiring. That is the idea of a porn consumer in our country. Corresponding to this are the not ony technically unbearable movies that go over the counter everyday in the local sex shops. Like robots the actors rush from one copulation to the other, presented in close-ups or in great detail, requiring of actors only a flexible body (and a big dick, the translator). Head and heart are left out. It is a different story in the land of the rising sun. The Japanese "pinkku"-movies are also not appropriate for prudish minds, but they tell real stories. And the open display of genitals and pubic hair is still strictly forbidden by the Japanese censorship authorities.

Pink movies follow certain rules. Professionally shot on 16 mm or 35 mm, a length of about 60 minutes and most important: the budget is limited to 35.000 US-dollars. The demand in Japan is immense: the porn industry spews out up to six movies per month. Not at the expense of the content which isn`t subject to any limitations. Directors like experimental filmmaker Hiroyuki Oki ("I like you, I like you vely much") use the pink-film system to realize their own real movie ideas. This has led to a blossoming of the Japanese film avantgarde in the porn field - apart form the major studios. - Jon Wilson


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The Bedroom


The Dream of Garuda